Are there any side-effects of Marshmallow Leaf ?

           Long history of use of Marshmallow by herbalists suggests lack of serious side-effects of marshmallow leaf. However, Safety of Marshmallow leaves during pregnancy or lactation isn't proven due to limited research on marshmallow leaf. There are no drug interactions,but it's recommended to take Marshmallow leaf at around 1-2 hours before medicine as mucilage of Marshmallow by interfering with the absorption of drug reduces drug's effect.

          Caution : Confectionery marshmallow and marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) shouldn't be confused with each other,as until mid-1800's, candy makers used leaf of althaea officinalis or marshmallow in marshmallow candies.

          What are the constituents in Marshmallow leaf ?

          Which part of Marshmallow leaf to use ?

          What are the preparations of Marshmallow leaf in use ?

          What is the daily dosage of Marshmallow leaf for adults?

          What are the benefits of Marshmallow leaf as medicine ? 

           What are the side-effects of Marshmallow leaf in adults ?  

           Where to Buy Marshmallow leaf from Online ? 

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